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Know Better, Do Better…

Collectively, we are slowly but surely waking up to the reality that many of the products that we use on ourselves and our loved ones are NOT as safe as we once maybe thought they were... 

We naively assumed that there was someone, somewhere, looking out for us, making sure that anything that ever made it's way onto a store shelf in this great country of ours must be good for us, or it just wouldn't be there, right???

Unfortunately, this is sooo NOT TRUE!!!


We Demand Better, And So Should You!!!

To put the toxicity problem into perspective, there are over 1,400 ingredients, many of which are known carcinogens, hormone disruptors or otherwise harmful ingredients, currently banned or limited from use in personal care products in Europe - comparatively, only 30 such ingredients are banned or limited from use in personal care products here in the United States! 


It's time to go pure!!! 

Here at GOOD LIFE PURE we are big supporters of the "Clean Beauty" movement.

Here's reality - our skin is our largest organ and absorbs much of what we put on it - period. That said, if you are looking to minimize your exposure to all the toxins and otherwise harmful chemicals that are prevalent in our everyday lives and products in todays world, cleaning up your skincare routine is just as important as cleaning up your home and diet! And often much easier to do!!!

But there’s a whole other reality effecting the choices you make regarding your skincare routine. It relates not only to the safety of your products, but to the efficiency and in many cases, high cost of quality skincare products. That reality is this - most conventional creams and lotions (even "clean" ones) are typically 70-75% water and often contain pore-clogging, petroleum-based chemicals, waxes and everything else necessary to get oil and water to mix and stay mixed! And, like it or not, anytime you introduce water into a skincare product you need to add preservatives - period - and those are often the most toxic ingredients of all. So even after you’ve addressed the safer ingredient issue, even in the best of lotions, typically only 10-20% of what you are paying good money for is actually the active emollients, antioxidants and other nutrients that truly hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

GOOD LIFE PURE is looking to change all that by bringing you a line of incredibly luxurious and amazingly effective, yet very cost effective products that are as close to 100% PURE GOODNESS as possible.


Cleaner Skincare

Know Better, Do Better…

Good Life Pure


Mother Nature's Goodness...

Here at GOOD LIFE PURE, we hope to do our part, first and foremost, by formulating the cleanest, safest, most effective products possible! The vast majority of our ingredients are natural and organic, but we strongly believe that ingredient decisions must be based on overall product safety versus individual ingredient source.

We leverage the power of Mother Nature's Pure Goodness, with good, clean, there's a reason that's in there science, when, and only when, it's absolutely necessary to keep our products safer for you.

Know Better, Do Better…

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The opportunity is real



Safer Skincare...

Please Join the GOOD LIFE Beautycounter team!!

Everyone here at THE GOOD LIFE passionately believes that no one should ever have to worry about the toxic and otherwise harmful ingredients that are banned in Europe, yet currently allowed by law and used regularly here in the United States in so many of the cosmetic products that we use on ourselves and our loved ones - every - single - day. 

With that driving thought in mind, we have proudly partnered with Beautycounter - the leader in the Clean Beauty Movement! Working together to advocate for a safer tomorrow!

Our Mission is to get Safer Products into the Hands of Everyone! 



Our Mission is to get Safer Products into the Hands of Everyone…



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